Kudos Chat Search for Skype Enterprise Edition

More companies are using SkypeTM to communicate internally and with customers. Empower your employees across your organisation with Kudos Chat Search (KCS) for SkypeTM.

3 ways KCS enterprise can help your organisation

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Instant messaging and organisational compliance

While some organisations have ignored instant messaging, they will soon need to realise the burden of responsibility. In the United States alone there are over 10,000 laws and regulations related to electronic messaging and records retention. Is your business compliant?

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Unlocking knowledge trapped in conversational information

Instant messaging supports informal communication and facilitates enterprise-wide information sharing (Luo et al., 2010). Almost immediate access to actionable information, creates efficient working environments and ultimately benefits the bottom line. Does your business leverage the wealth of knowledge created daily through instant messaging?

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Kudos Chat Search for SkypeTM in the organisation

Manage KCS in your organisation.

Register today, and roll-out KCS across your organisation. Everyone in your organisation can work smarter by leveraging the knowledge and information trapped in Skype.

KCS is designed to allow the employee access to the library of knowledge trapped in their conversation logs. While at the organisation level leveraging conversations enterprise wide.

The roadmap for KCS focuses on the enterprise, improving discover-ability and widening the range of application into areas such as support.


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In the United States alone there are over 10,000 laws and regulations related to electronic messaging and records retention (P. A. Gerr, B.Babineau and P. C. Gordon 2003). Generally regulations related to IM at work involve the need to produce archived business communications to satisfy government or judicial requests under law. Many instant messaging communications fall into the category of business communications that must be archived and retrievable.

The enterprise edition of KCS, is designed to either store enterprise wide Skype conversations within a database or other enterprise information stores such as a CRM. Because of it’s ability to scale KCS enterprise edition is suitable for either the small business or Global enterprise.

Storage and retrieval of Skype conversations includes numerous communications channels including:

  • Chat
  • Voice and video conversations, and
  • File transfers

Knowledge management

IM is pervasive within the work place with 55% of workers using IM for business purposes (Radicati Team, 2011). Successful organisations will learn and adapt, leveraging employee experience by collecting and making available conversational knowledge collectively.

KCS Enterprise Edition, provides employees with instant access to personal conversations for statements, questions and answers. A powerful yet simple search interface, allows them to quickly find what they are looking for no matter when the conversation occurred or who they were talking with.

At the enterprise level, the aforementioned benefits are amplified.

Enterprise integration

Any investment in software needs to align with existing strategic investments. Each organisation is different, having different hardware and software configurations, therefore KCS has built upon modern standards of interoperability. We understand however that many enterprise systems are not open or adhere to older methods of integration; it is for this reason that KCS enterprise has a third party plugin system allowing the construction of custom integration modules.

Enterprise Edition Features

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Easy rollout of KCS organisation wide Available
Monitor Skype communications on each employee networked machine.* Available
Backup and index Skype history chats and conversations on all employee networked machines* Available
Allow for searching, filtering and reporting of employee instant messaging communications.* Available
Monitor Skype communications on each employee computer regardless of location or network presence. ^ Available
Backup and index Skype chat history to the company cloud (online database), from all employee machines regardless of location or network presence. ^ Available
Allow for searching, filtering and reporting of employee instant messaging communications via a web dashboard by allowed administrators. ^ Available
Control who Instant Messages / chats to who, with company wide communication policies (active directory integration supported). Available
CRM integrations ^ Available
Enterprise integrations ^ Available
Knowledge management ^ Available
Reporting and auditing modules ^ Available
^ Coming soon
* Subject to certain conditions – network and environment factors