Take control of your SkypeTM History

Take control of all your Skype Chat History, Skype Accounts and IM Conversation Logs across multiple machines

Get immediate access to any chat conversation you have had on Skype. Who was I talking to, about what and when?

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Why you'll love Kudos Chat Search for SkypeTM

Search, easy and powerful

Search for a specific term or phrase within all of your Skype chats or Skype IM’s, search for a specific person, group or between dates

Search online

Access your SkypeTM chats anytime online

Search chat and SMS

Search SMS messages

Always there

Automatic back up SkypeTM chat history into the kloud, safe from PC crashes


Remove/delete chat messages from your SkypeTM

Backup and restore

Backup your SkypeTM history to any attached storage device and restore it again

View it your way

View entire conversations sort them by name or date, select matching Skype messages to zoom into that conversation


Transfer Skype accounts or Skype chat history from one computer to another


Export Skype conversation history into your favourite spreadsheet application such as MicrosoftTM Excel with CSV export

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So far I’ve found Kudos Chat Search to be the best Skype Chat search tool I’ve come across. You also provide fantastic support that far surpassed my expectations.
CIO and Vice President of Network Heroes, Las Vegas USA
Kudos Chat Search has saved me and my team from losing valuable chat history in my business. The search is simple and fast and I believe that it has also improved productivity with my employees.
Lance Watkins, Sydney

How you can use Kudos Chat Search for SkypeTM

Skype history viewer

Kudos Chat Search for Skype is a Skype history viewer or Skype log viewer. It allows you to view your:

  • Skype history
  • Skype chat history
  • Skype chat logs
  • Skype log
  • Skype history file
  • Skype chat history files
  • Skype history
  • Skype history log
  • Skype Instant Messaging history
  • Skype IM’s
  • IM log
  • Skype conversation history

It does this by automatically detecting your Skype conversation history location or Skype chat history location. The product also provides for manually selecting a Skype account location, which can be available on any networked location


Who said what, to who and when

View search results and conversations in MicrosoftTM Excel, by exporting to CSV. Spreadsheet applications provide great tools for investigating, interrogating and sharing Skype Chat history


Skype history between computers

Transferring your Skype chat history from one machine to another is really easy with Kudos Chat Search for SkypeTM, find out how

Private discussions

Search for and remove private messages from Skype History, find out how

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First license is FREE
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USD 5 per month
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USD 10 per month
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Powerful search
  term, phrase
  person, group
  between dates
Available Available Available Available
See a list of conversations that contain your query Available Available Available Available
Select a conversation to zoom into Available Available Available Available
Open the conversation back in Skype using the Skype Link Available Available Available Available
(working days)
3 days via email 3 days via email 2 days via email 1 days via phone
Automated backup
(space in megabytes)
1 mb 4 mb 40 mb Unlimited
Free Upgrades Available Available Available Available
Search multiple Skype accounts located on your current machine or in any network location Available Available
Backup Skype accounts or Skype chat history to any attached device (including backup drive/USB stick) Available Available Available
Export search results and conversations to a spreadsheet or database (such as MicrosoftTM Excel or MicrosoftTM Access) Available Available Available
Delete specific parts or all of your Skype chat history Available Available Available
Delete an entire conversation Available Available Available
Transfer a Skype account from one machine to another Available Available Available
Restore a Skype account from any attached device (including backup drive/USB stick) Available Available Available
Easy rollout of KCS organisation wide Available
Coming Soon
Monitor Skype communications on each employee networked machine* Available
Backup and index Skype history chats and conversations on all employee networked machines* Available
Allow for searching, filtering and reporting of employee instant messaging communications* Available
Backup and index Skype chat history to the company cloud (online database), from all employee machines regardless of location or network presence Available
Enable Privacy Mode to have private chats on your computer. This prevents chats being stored on the local computer Available Available Available
Monitor Skype communications on each employee computer regardless of location or network presence Available
Allow for searching, filtering and reporting of employee instant messaging communications via a web dashboard by allowed administrators Available
Control who Instant Messages / chats to who, with company wide communication policies (active directory integration supported) Available
CRM integrations Available
Enterprise integrations Available
Knowledge management Available
Reporting and auditing modules Available
* Account needs to be stored on your local computer or any available network location
+ Searching one account at a time
^ This can include USB sticks, hard drives or network drives
Available to WindowsTM users only